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morning glory flowerMorning glories are prized not only for their ease of care, but for their incredibly rapid growth - as much as 15-20 feet tall in practically no time at all...

As such, morning glories can often be seen climbing up trellises, providing shade for country porches or decorating chain link fences in town.

So called because their flowers open as the first rays of sunshine appear over the horizon, the morning glory belongs to the Convolvulaceae or sweet potato family.

However, families with young kids or pets should be aware that morning glory seeds are considered poisonous and may cause digestive upset, stupor, hallucinations or even coma if enough are ingested.

What's more, morning glory seed coats are very, very tough, so they should be soaked overnight before planting. Pick a sunny spot in prepared soil and plant about 1/2 inch deep and 12 inches apart.

Then.... stand back! If no trellis or support is handy at the time, you can plan on having to install one very soon.

Fun facts about morning glories

butterfly on a morning glory• Morning glories' big colorful flowers are known to attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and lady bugs to the home garden.

• In Japan the morning glory is known as asagao, asa "morning" and gao "face". 

• In China, morning glory seeds were once used in traditional herbal medicine as a laxative.

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