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Organic peasIf you're going to grow your own, why bother with harmful additives found in fertilizers and pest control products?

That's the cry of many home gardeners who see the common sensical approach to "growing your own" as opposed to buying commercially produced fruits and vegetables.

Besides, nowadays there are so many alternatives to chemical weed killers and pest control products that make organic gardening easier than every before.

As the world goes green, organic gardening has never been more popular, as it provides complete control over what goes into your garden - from seed to harvest.

However, there are always advantages and disadvantages to take under consideration whenver going completely organic in the home garden:

The pros and cons of organic gardening

praying mantis
In place of chemical pesticides,
organic gardeners may employ
predatory insects like the
praying mantis, above.

Pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and weed killers in the garden were developed to make gardening less work intensive and more productive.

That said, the disadvantage to using chemicals mainly centers around the danger of misuse or overuse, which can be harmful not only to your health but to the surrounding environment.

According to the FDA, children in particular may be more sensitive to pesticides in their critical growing years. Pesticides in the food chain also may contribute to a decrease in their aborption of nutrients. Even in home gardens without threat to young children, run-off of these chemicals to nearby streams, rivers, and local groundwater also threatens long term ill effects to the health of the surrounding neighborhood.

Instead, most organic gardeners use several ancient methods for controlling bugs and pests in the home garden. These may include the incorporation of bug-repelling plants, the use of non-insecticide soaps (and water), or the introduction of predatory birds or beneficial bugs (like the lady bug and praying mantis) to ward off destructive pests.

Meanwhile, organic gardeners find that old-fashioned hand weeding is the safest option to avoid the necessity of chemical weed killers.

A word about composting

Chemical fertilizers vs composting? Purists say that the only way to truly switch to organic is by enriching the soil with natural, organic compost. However, traditional gardeners who have tried composting say it is labor intensive and simply impractical for most small home gardens. In urban areas, compost piles in community gardens also may become a magnet for vermin.

Besides, garden centers are so much more convenient for making purchases of ready-made or chemical fertilizer specifically formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of every type of garden.

In all, organic gardening certainly takes more planning and forethought than simply spraying chemicals to fight off bugs and weeds. Organic gardening also often proves to be more work intensive in some respects.

In short, the choice between organic and traditional gardening is stricltly a personal one. When weighing the pros and cons of organic gardening, it's always best to use common sense. Some organic gardeners swear that all-natural is the way to go. Others experiment by combining different methods that work best for them.

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