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pansy bloomPansies dislike hot summers, so if you're thinking about starting them in your garden other than in early spring or autumn, stop now.

Beautiful, delicate and in every color imaginable (including black) pansies are one of the earliest flowers to bloom and usually planted right alongside crocus to herald the arrival of spring ...

Since they are slow to germinate, pansy seeds are usually sown indoors about 6 weeks before the last frost. Once established, pansies prefer a rich soil with plenty of organic material to feast upon whether they are planted in garden beds, window boxes, or pot containers. Although pansies look more attractive when grouped tightly together, ensure there is proper ventilation between plants by spacing them at least a few inches apart.

Again, keep a watch on them during the height of the season. Pansies tend to wilt dramatically if not kept moist during summer heat waves. Also remember to remove dead flowers as they appear to keep pansies blooming throughout the early summer ...

Pansy fun facts:

• Ancestors of the modern pansy, the viola, can be traced back to ancient Greece who used the flower for medicinal purposes. It was only in the 19th century when botanists began cross-breeding violas to arrive at what we know today as the pansy.

• Yes, pansy flowers are edible and have a somewhat minty flavor when added to salads or summer drinks. Both the leaves and the flowers of the pansy plant are high in vitamins A and C.

• The pansy's distinctive scent is often more pronounced in the early morning hours and again at dusk.

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