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home grown radish An excellent crop for a beginner's garden or as part of a kid's gardening project, the radish is quick and easy to grow.

An early spring vegetable, radishes are usually planted --1/2" deep and 1" apart -- as soon as the soil is warm enough to sow.

A few weeks later, radishes are ready for picking. Rich in vitamin C, folic acid and potassium, radishes are sliced thin to add a pungent crunch to summer salad, or grated fine and added to vinaigrettes.

In the hands of a creative chef, radishes can also be transformed into "roses" to make a decorative vegetable carving for garnish.

On a more practical note, the versatile radish also serves to repel common garden pests when planted among other flowers and vegetables in the backyard garden. In common folklore, radishes have also sometimes been brewed as a curative tea and mixed with honey to help remedy cold symptoms.

Popular varieties of radish grown in the home garden include Comet, French Breakfast, Cherry Belle, Red King, and Champion. The classic red radish also comes in shades of purple, rose and white.

On the Web - How to grow radishes :

Watch Your Garden Grow - Radishes
- From preparing the soil and planting to the final harvest with more information on recommended varieties, troubleshooting tips, nutritional benefits and related recipes.

Radishes in the Garden - PDF brochure (Adobe Reader required) offering expert tips on soil preparation, sowing, care & maintenance, watering & fertilizing, weeding & harvesting, with a table illustrating common pests & disease and how to control them, related FAQ.

Radishes - Growing Tips and Health Benefits - Illustrated feature with tips & tricks to cultivation plus nutritional and medicinal uses including recipes for curative teas, instructions on how to make a radish rose garnish, related links.

Radishes - Good overview with information on radish varieties, nutritional value, and the radish's role in popular culture and lore, from Wikipedia.

Radish - How to Cook and Grow - Brief, though interesting discussion with notes on its history and cultivation as well as its use in American, European and Chinese cuisine.

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