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sweet pea flowerSweet Peas like their vegetable namesakes are a cool weather plant that likes plenty of room to climb.

Trellises, chain link fences, long stakes or poles are the preferred method by most gardeners. There are also dwarf varieties that require no staking, and can be sown and scattered around the garden in wild abandon. Generally, sweet peas can stand any light condition from full sun to partial shade.

There are over 1,000 varieties of sweet pea, but don't let the innocent name fool you: these sweet peas are not for eating since all parts of Lathyrus odoratus are decidedly poisonous - including seeds, leaves & flowers!

Perennial varieties - in blue, purple, pink or white - are sown directly into the ground in early spring and are very hardy and easy to grow, surviving frosts and even a light spring snow cover.

No need to replant year after year since, like wildflowers, sweet peas reseed themselves and once established may threaten to abundantly overtake the entire garden ...

On the Web - How to plant & grow sweet peas:


National Sweet Pea Society - This is the UK association promoting the growth of sweet peas with a complete description, how to grow them, photo gallery, suggested reading, related links & resources.

Sweet Peas - Discover historical information from Texas Cooperative Extension, along with advice on sowing by U.S. geographic region, general tips on care & feeding, transplanting, and cutting and arranging for indoor bouquets.

Detailed information on Sweet Pea (Lathyrus odoratus) - Check out a fact sheet on height, spacing, sunlight requirements, average water needs, propagation methods and seed collecting, plus member-submitted growing tips.

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