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violet flowerViolets are part of the same family as pansies & violas - all of which are a welcome harbinger of spring.

The ancient Greeks prescribed violets as a cure for chest congestion (their blossoms are still used in modern herbal cough syrup formulations), while in Japan violets have been admired solely for their delicate beauty for centuries.

Today, violets are a part of many a homemade love poem which begins... "Roses are red, violets are blue," ...but the most common violet color is well - violet - along with deep purple, white, yellow and blue-violet.

A good addition to rock gardens, viola odorata or sweet violets are also widely grown in containers with their small size making them a popular favorite of windowsill gardeners.

Slow to germinate, violets are usually grown from seed indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost and transplanted to the garden in full or partial sun in early spring. Violets do best in cooler weather and may wilt in the summer's heat if not properly watered.

Once established violets are a generally a hardy lot and need only light mulching to survive a winter frost ...

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