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Gay teensFor gays and lesbians who have lived through it, high school is often referred to as the nightmare years.

Talk about peer pressure. But did you ever notice that the students who have the most to say about your sexuality ....might questioning their own?

Sad to say, you still won't find much peer support - or even adult support - in many mainstream high schools. But if you're gay or even think you're gay, there's plenty of help to be found on the Web.

Just up ahead, check out these great resources where gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender, or even questioning teens can find out more information in chats & message boards.

You can also hook up with sympathetic support groups, or find expert advice from online counselors who can answer your personal questions one-on-one...

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More information & support for gay teens around the Web:

It Gets Better
- YouTube project featuring gay men and women who offer inspiring 'been there' personal stories and helpful advice for gay and lesbian teens.

YouthResource - Check out a good collection of real stories, plus a searchable database of U.S. support groups, and a staff of online advisors available to contact for questions...

The Cool Page for Queer Teens - Find tips on how to come out, and how to prepare for fallout from friends and family, discrimination at school, and related resources to more on the topic.

Alex Sanchez & Rainbow Boys Home Page - Online home to the gay teen novel writer and lecturer with news and updates, book info, schedule of appearances, personal profile and gay teen resources directory.

My Child is GAY! Now What Do I Do? - After they've picked themselves up off the floor, the 411 for parents...

Gay Parent Magazine - Yes, there's actually a magazine for parents of gay children -- offering feature stories about family acceptance, and a cool resources section for links to gay-friendly U.S. schools, camps and teen support groups.

In the Mix - What's Normal? - Check out the archived cyber version of the PBS television special on gay teens - including video clips, interviews, and related resources

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