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The grandkids are coming to visit!

Whether simply sharing a funny story, taking to the playground - or getting into a messy, hands-on art project - these sites offer great ideas.

Keep yourself and the kids busy with coloring pages, games, grandkid-friendly recipes, crafts and more tips, ideas and suggestions for memorable family fun across generations...

Fun with the grandkids around the Web:

The Grandkids Are Coming To Visit - This grandparenting 101 guide includes guides compiled from visitor submissions for keeping them entertained, and arranged by category from toddlers to teens.

The Legacy Project - Activities - Creative ideas for researching the family tree with a printable chart, tips on interviewing grandparents, suggestions for reading with Your grandchild, plus cooking and science projects, games, crafts, scrapbooking and lots more Family Fun.

Idea Box - Activities - You name it, it's here, with tons 'o games, crafts, songs, recipes and more special Seasonal activities for holiday company.

Grandloving - Seasonal fun with appropriate activities and crafts updated monthly, and related resources.

Grandparents Magazine - Activities - Grab the pencils and crayons for lots of printable word games along with a motherlode of coloring pages featuring the kids' favorite cartoon and television characters.


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