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Time was when grandparents were looked upon as those frail, kindly folks who brought cake and ice cream with every visit.

Today, with people living (and working) longer and staying active in their later years the role of grandparent has become much more dynamic. Add to that the role of babysitter for a two working parent household, and grandparents have become more important than ever.

Although healthier and more youthful appearing than in past generations, things haven't changed all that much. Grandparents are still, well...grandparents.

In fact, according to a survey by, 63% grandparents still find it easier caring for grandchildren than their own kids, and a whopping 90% still love to talk about the grandchildren every chance they get. Although many grandparents still find it fun spoiling the grandkids (and then sending them home sweetened and caffeinated!) more dramatic developments in the recent past paints a darker picture.

Fact is, the number of grandparents in the US living with and helping to rear grandkids has doubled within the past, decade, according to the Brookdale Grandparent Caregiver Information Project.

Today, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, nationally there are 7 million children living in grandparent-headed households That's an increase from 5.8 million reported in 2000. By 2020 that number is predicted to double.

Around the Web, get more facts on American grandparenting with recent surveys, studies and research showing how the role has changed over the years together with consumer trends, spending habits, and a bit of history...

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