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Exchange photos and stories about the grandkids, get or give advice, or simply share an interest on a variety of subjects with like-minded individuals at these top boards connecting a generation of baby boomers and the grandparenting crowd...

Yahoo! Groups - Grandparents - More than a hundred groups (at last count) are dedicated to sharing stories, photos, links and information online with other grandparents, or with other grandparents raising grandchildren.

City Data Forums - Grandparents - Check out another one of the busiest grandparent message boards on the Web, with topics ranging from babysitting to long-distance grandparenting. Community - Connect with other grandparents to tell stories, retell grandkids cutest moments, or just shoot the breeze.

grandmas, grannies, nanas - Whatever name you're known by, you'll find a supportive group of people to exchange ideas with, or give or ask advice at this active Cafe Mom board.

The GardenWeb Grandparents Forum - You don't have to love gardening to join this active group with discussions on grandchild health concerns, babysitting, family relationships and more.


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