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kids laptopIf you're a long-distance 'cyber' grandparent you may enjoy swapping favorite sites with the kids via e-mail or their favorite social media site.

If the grandkids come over to visit and ask "Grandma, can I use your computer to play a game?" -- just remember to take extra care. Many parents and grandparents report that unsuspecting younger kids may go online and inadvertently download spyware or adware while surfing the Net.

Go ahead and let the kids play - but make sure your virus protection program is on full throttle!

To keep them safe, you may also want to consider downloading a popular parental control program as well. To keep well ahead of the curve, also check out this cool site for keeping kids safe online -- offering great tips on teaching kids how to safely send texts, avoid giving personal details in online forums, and related tips on navigating the Internet like a pro.

Meanwhile, check out a great cache of safe, grandparent-approved sites and online games to send and share.

Great kids sites around the Web:


PBS Kids - Check out all their favorite shows online including Sesame Street, Curious George, Clifford, and lots more with related puzzles, games and interactive fun, parent resources and TV schedules.

Exploratorium - There's way cool space and science exploration exhibits and then there's the Exploratorium!

BBC Nature - Dinosaurs - Find fun, eye-popping and generally amazing companion site to the BBC TV special with multimedia tours, interactive games, chronology, fact files, dinosaur e-cards, screensavers.

eSafety - The great Australian site offers a guide to smart surfing for parents and a great section of very cool kids sites.

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