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Time was when the family unit was a solid arrangement with parents and grandparents living under the same roof, or at least in close proximity.

Now check out the latest issues surrounding 21st century grandparenting including grandparents and kids of divorce, step-grandparenting, grandparents raising grandkids, and long-distance 'cyber' grandparenting...

Divorce Source: Grandparent Issues
- The complete self-help package offering information and tips on visitation rights, obtaining court-ordered visitation, grandparents raising grandchildren, and related issues with downloadable fact sheets in PDF format.

After Divorce: Grandchildren & the In-Laws - Do's, don'ts and inspirational stories of grandparents determined to keep close relationships with their grandchildren and continue to influence their lives.

Grandparent Visitation Rights - Historical background on how a U.S. Supreme Court decision affects grandparents' rights to spend time with their grandkids, with more on the landmark "Troxel v. Granville" case and how it impacts on state law, advice for grandparents pursuing visitation rights with estranged grandkids, and related resources.

Step-Grandparenting 101 - Time, patience and respect as the secret recipe for developing relationships with older stepchildren.

Grandparenting - Interfaith Family - Wise counsel on integrating Jewish customs and traditions with grandchildren brought up in another faith, including advice on introducing different beliefs and creating memories that your grandkids will treasure.

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