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young chefWhy do kids find mealtimes so much more fun with grandparents than at home?

Maybe it's the absence of the usual power struggles with mom and dad - especially at mealtime when they can exert their independece by being picky eaters.

With grandma and grandpa, they can just relax and have fun!

In the kitchen, there's nothing like the feeling of accomplishment kids get when they're allowed to help out. Make it fun with tips, suggestions and (mostly) easy recipes found at these top sites...

More about grandkid-friendly recipes around the Web:

Tips for Cooking with Grandchildren - Check out the guide to assigning age-appropriate tasks for toddlers to older kids, with an whole collection of kid-friendly recipes to try in cooking with kids.

Cooking with Grandkids - Engaging intro about the fascination kids have for food preparation includes easy recipes for Pretend Soup and Carrot Pennies.

Bread - From Seed to Sandwich - This UK site combines fun and learning with a timeline of bread-making - from the Egyptians to the 20th century - plus Fun Recipes.

Children with Diabetes - Readers Favorite Recipes - With hundreds of low sugar and sugar-free recipes to try, you'll be using your own good judgment on which one is the most age-appropriate if the kids are assisting.

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