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Yes it can be quite, um, an adventure traveling with the family!

But if you manage to plan it like a staff sargeant (without actually appearing like one)'re halfway there to creating lovely memories that will last a lifetime.

If you've never traveled with the grandkids before, take a tip from those in the know.

Below, check out excellent tips and suggestions on making it fun and affordable....from saavy senior travel personal guides on traveling with the little ones...

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More about traveling with grandkids around the Web:

Are We There Yet? How and Where to Travel with Your Grandkids
- A brief overview with some good nuggets on making it a great experience for everyone.

5 Tips for Surviving a Roadtrip with Your Grandkids - The upside - and downside - of bringing the kids along including trip planning and preparation, pacing and keeping them entertained (and well fed!), with links to related info, from AARP.

10 Survival Tips for Traveling with Grandchildren - Insider tips from a grandmother who's been there with a discussion on gauging your grandchild's likes and dislikes, engaging them in travel planning and other practical suggestions for a memorable trip.

Vacationing with Grandchildren - Sound advice from including age-appropriate activities and destinations, preparation, anti-boredom tricks while on the road, and more...

AARP Senior Travel Discounts
- If you're an avid adventurer this might be the best reason to sign up with AARP, which offers discounts from 10 - 25% on U.S. national park passes and assorted other travel packages. - One-stop browsing for discounts on cruises, airfare, travel passes, car rentals, hotels and restaurants, train tours with more from travel agencies and companies catering to the 50-55 and over set.


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