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April Fool's Day

This page has now taken complete control of your "smart" devices and laptop.

Resistance is futile! ... .Prepare to assimilate the planet's best gags, college pranks, practical jokes, hoaxes, and general foolishness in celebration of April 1 .... April Fool's Day.

This year, mark your calendar for Saturday, April 1, 2017 to observe the annual tribute to foolishness!

April Fools Day history

Modern April Fools Day got its start during the ancient Roman holiday of Saturnalia when society was turned upside down as slaves and their masters switched roles for the day.

By the Middle Ages, the ancient Roman taste for a good time was celebrated every spring when a "Lord of Misrule" or "King of Fools" was elected in towns and cities across Europe to celebrate.

April fool, 19th century
Centuries later, April Fools Day was still going strong. In the 1800s, a notable and fairly hilarious look at popular pranks was published under the title of April Fools and Other Fools with warnings to watch out for street urchins on the prowl!

Today, the tradition is as popular as ever -- with gag gifts, dorm pranks, practical jokes and hoaxes unexpectedly sprung on office workers, college roommates, friends and family..

Online, even organizations like the BBC and Google having gotten into the act. Today, thousands of imitators launch Internet hoaxes on April 1 that -- as planned -- transform into public relations triumphs and major news stories.

Tips & tricks to April Fools jokes

The college dorm room prank - Duct tape is the prank of choice in most college dorms. Use it to seal a room door shut, or to tape a roommate's furniture to the ceiling. Popcorn is also popular for filling up sinks and shower stalls.

april fools joke - kick me signFor more bathroom humor (and highly amusing sound effects), hide bubble wrap underneath the toilet seat.

The office prank - Careful here, and be sure that a relationship with your boss or coworkers will withstand a good April Fools joke. That said, begin the day by filling up the bathroom soap dispenser with craft glue. During lunch break, hack into an unsuspecting coworker's desktop to send a silly email (signed, "Yours truly, Crazy Pants") and remember to cc everyone in the company.

Internet hoaxes - If you have an online business, use your Facebook and Twitter accounts to spread rumors among your followers and customers.

For best results, make sure your hoax sounds fairly credible - like the time Rosetta Stone famously offered a course in Klingon, or when American Eagle Outfitters introduced the American Beagle line of clothing for dogs. Result: your company proves they have a sense of humor and your brand gets plenty of free publicity, at least for a day or two.

Classic April Fools jokes - Try a strategically placed whoopee cushion, or lie in wait as unsuspecting passersby attempt to pick up coins you have glued to the sidewalk. Indoors, a cold bucket of water over the door never goes out of style.

No time to plot? Tape a "kick me" sign to their back. It's always good for a giggle.

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