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Children's Day Carp StreamersWhile Japan is generally more noted for honoring its elders, the young are also honored with a day set aside on May 5 for a joyous national holiday celebration of "Children’s Day".

This year, Children's Day in Japan falls on Saturday, May 5, 2018.

All about Children's Day

Kodomo no Hi is a combination of what use to be separate days for “Girls Day” (Hina Matsuri, March 3rd) and “Boys Day” Tango-no-Sekku, May 5).

The celebration for girls is traditionally marked with a display of dolls handed down from mother to daughter for generations. Figuring prominently in the boys' celebration are sumarai warrior dolls, along with carp streamers - flying outside in gardens and backyards - that symbolize the strength and determination of the carp in Japanese folklore.

Traditional Children's Day foods are also served to mark the celebration, including rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo, bean filled rice cakes, and special sweets.

Find out more about the day honoring the country's younger generation at top sites offering personal memories, pictures, stories, classroom ideas, traditional recipes, and the history of Japan's Children's Day festival...

More about Children's Day around the Web:

Children's Day, Japan
- Check out an excellent collection of fun activities, craft projects (including how to's for making carp kites, traditional dolls and sumarai warrior costumes) and a huge cache of related resources.

Children's Day - Here's a colorfully illustrated intro to the holiday celebrated with streamers, dolls, special foods, and more information other special traditions in a brief overview.

MIT Japanese: "culture-notes" - Kodomo-no-hi, May - Browse pictures from the author's collection of sumarai dolls, carp streamers and special dishes served on the day, along with traditional words and music to Koinobori, the carp streamer song.


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