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Marking its 47th anniversary on Sunday, April 22, 2018 Earth Day will be celebrated by millions in the US, Canada, and around the world.

And, this year, Earth Day takes on new urgency -- as the scientific community prepares to take to the streets in support of the environment and fact-based government policy making -- with a March for Science on Earth Day 2018 in Washington DC.

Other satellite March for Science demonstrations are also planned in cities nationwide.

The idea behind the day - honoring the planet and all living things that inhabit it - began during the early 1960's hippie movement, as Earth Day bloomed into a grass roots cause that eventually culminated in the first official U.S. observance of Earth Day celebrated in 1970.

Today, many cities extend Earth Day celebrations for an entire week to increase awareness of recycling and better energy efficient communities that culminates with official Earth Day observances on April 22.

In 2018, watch for major campaigns to help get more people involved in support of environmental science and related activities aimed at helping to protect the only planet we've got!

Come April, major cities in the US and Canada honor Earth Day from coast to coast by hosting civic ceremonies and interactive programs to get everyone involved in observing the day.

Just up ahead, discover detailed information about what else happens on the big day - with facts, news, student projects, coloring pages, crafts ideas, information and history, as well as environmental events & festivities, celebrations & activities across the US and Canada ...

2018 Earth Day Celebrations, Events & Activities

Earth Day New York City Earth Day Oakland
Earth Day Chicago Earth Day Philadelphia Earth Day San Diego
Earth Day Washington DC Earth Day St. Louis Earth Day San Francisco

Planet Pals - Kid-friendly community with fun facts, activities, and resources for learning more about planet Earth, recycling & conservation, and lots of links to Earth Day information around the Web.

Earth Day Network - The whole earth catalog of regional sites around the globe with the latest news, listings of events, feature stories, online quizzes, factoids, feature stories, teaching resources.

Earth Day Canada - Including information on festivals, walks and community news throughout the country, plus a complete how-to on celebrating the day in your neighborhood, with related tips and kids' resources.

Earth Day - Wikipedia - A good overview on the history of American environmental concerns, the origins of the celebration plus links to more on international events.

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