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Catch the spirit of Easter on Sunday, April 17, 2022 with information on the origins of the holiday, ideas for making homemade Easter baskets and decorations, as well as how to take advantage of big 2022 Easter sales.

All about Easter meaning and symbols

Although observed today by Christians in a joyous celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, historians point to the holiday's much earlier roots in ancient spring rituals.

The rabbit in ancient Egypt was recognized as a natural sign of renewal. This belief spread to the Greeks, and then to the Romans who shared it with the rest of Europe.

The Celts and other early European pagan groups, as well, celebrated the rabbit during the festival of Eastre, honoring the ancient goddess of the dawn and springtime.

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dyed Easter eggAnother animal associated with springtime, of course, is the lamb — connected to a Biblical description of Jesus as the Lamb of God — which, in turn, harks back to even more ancient Jewish sacrificial rituals. Today, modern Christian families will still sit down to an Easter feast based on a favorite roast leg of lamb recipe to reenact the ancient practice based in Biblical times.

Finally, what would Easter be without eggs? Another symbol of birth and renewal, the egg naturally represents new life and hope for the future. The symbol is still honored today by children worldwide in the tradition of learning to dye Easter eggs in a fun family get together.

On Easter Sunday, the entire family will dress up in their finest Easter clothes, attend church services, and exchange gifts of Easter flowers, chocolate, jelly beans and other fanciful treats to celebrate the day.

Even with its deeply solemn religious connotations, Easter remains a thoroughly modern tradition celebrating life, hope, and renewal.

With best wishes for a Happy and Joyous Easter ....

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