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toddler mouse costume
Cute as a bug in a rug, this lucky lady is outfitted in black shirt and pants with pom pom antennae and red felt wings.

Little Ladybug Costume

Your little one will be cute as a bug in this easy costume created from wings made of crafting foam, and pom-pom antennae.

What You'll Need:

• Black shirt or onesie
• Black dress or pants
• Scissors
• 2 (12 x 18-inch) sheets of red stiff felt
• 1 (9 x 12-inch sheet) black stiff felt
• Hole punch
• 2 yards of 1/2-inch-wide black ribbon
• Craft glue
• 2 black pipe cleaners
• 2 small red pom-poms
• Black hair band
• Black electrical tape

lady bug costume wingsInstructions:

1. Use scissors to cut 2 half-circle wings from the red felt. Cut four 3-inch circles from the black felt.

2. Overlap the wings as shown and punch 2 holes through both pieces of felt. (For reinforcement, you can add an eyelet to each.) Thread the ribbon through the holes.

lady bug costume wings tied together3. Decorate the wings by gluing the circles onto the wings. Let the wings dry for 10-15 minutes.

4. For each antenna, wrap one end of a pipe cleaner around a pom-pom. Tape the ends of the pipe cleaners to the hair band.

5. To tie on the wings, bring the ribbon over each shoulder, cross the pieces over your child's chest, and then tie the ends together in the back. (In a pinch, you can use long black shoe laces instead of ribbon.)

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