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Last Minute Kids' Costume Ideas

Busy mom and stuck for time as the clock ticks down to Halloween?

Check out these quick and easy ideas for whipping up a kid's costume with stuff you already have around the house or available at any dollar store or craft shop...

stringbean costume
• Little Stringbean – This clever getup is a snap that begins with a green hat or greed hooded onesie. Simply add a twisted green pipe cleaner to the hat for a simple and cute costume idea for baby.

• Mummy – Cut an old sheet into thin strips to wrap your child in a classic mummy costume. Wrap arms, legs and torso separately, and be sure to leave openings for nose and eyes! Splatter the strips with tea or coffee to give them an ancient Egyptian look.

• Farmer – An old flannel shirt, a pair of overalls, a straw hat or baseball cap, and a toy pitchfork (or fashion one out of cardboard) and your youngin‟ is suddenly Old McDonald! Just for fun, add a plush toy chicken or pig for your child to carry.

painters costume• House Painter – Start with a cheap (or free!) house painter‟s hat available at a local paint store. Generously splatter hat, white T-shirt, and pants with colored paint, and add props such as brushes, rollers, and/or an empty paint can.

• Clown Costume – Use felt, large stickers, or construction paper to make large colorful circles, and glue them to a sweatshirt and pants.

• Ghost – This classic Halloween costume is easily made from an old sheet or large pillowcase with cut-out eyeholes. NOTE: keep small toddlers and baby ghosts safe by cutting out a big hole for the entire face.

• Witch or Wizard – Attach moon and star stickers to a black outfit and add a witch‟s hat and plastic toy cauldron.

• Beach Bum – A swimsuit, safety vest, sunglasses, and a beach pail is all you‟ll need to complete this look. Complete the theme by wrapping your child in a warm, luxurious beach towel.

kids doctors costume• Punk Rocker – Dress them in a mini rocker t-shirt, a few tattoos, some hair gel, and colored hair spray, and on Halloween your child will be rockin‟ around the block!

• Ballerina – Make a skirt by sewing stiff pink netting or tulle to an old belt or a wide ribbon. Use pink tights, pink stretch top, and a cheap pair of pink slip-ons to complete the look. For baby, you can draw ballet slippers on a pair of anklet socks.

• Doctor – Buy a sweatshirt and sweat pants in "medical scrubs" green. Add a play stethoscope from an old play medical kit.

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