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Happy Left-Handers Day!

writing left handedHey, all you south paws around the's your day.

Every year, the world's population of left-handed people - about 10 percent - are honored on August 13th when everybody stops to celebrate the rarity of being left handed in a right handed world!

This year, Left-Handers Day is celebrated on Thursday, August 13, 2020.

What makes lefties special

Living in a right-handed world means lefties are set apart from nearly 90% of the population.

Although they don't like to admit it, most lefties think they're superior to the rest of us. And they might very well be, um, right. Science has proven that being left handed comes with some handy benefits.

For example, left handed people are more apt to have leadership abilities having had to forge their own way. Lefties are more likely to use the right sides of their brains, as well. That usually means they often have increased aptitude for math, science, and architecture.

left handed superpowerSo it should be no surprise that Albert Einstein was a famous southpaw. The math genius is joined by artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Michaelangelo, and M.C. Escher who were all left handed artists and experts in spatial relationships.

Musical abilities are also heightened in lefties, illustrated by an unusual number of musicians (everyone from Kurt Cobain to Beethoven) who have been left handed.

Other famous lefties include baseball pitchers Ron Guidry, Whitey Ford, and Tommy John; tennis champs Martina Navratilova, Rafael Nadal, and John McEnroe; and Olympic greats Dorothy Hammil and and Mark Spitz.

Celebrities famous for being left handed run the gamut from Robert DeNiro, Angelina Jolie, and Tom Cruise, to Nicole Kidman, Robert Redford, and Keanu Reeves.

DID YOU KNOW? More Left-Handers Day fun facts

turn left sign• According to one study left-handers are generally more intelligent and apt to have higher IQs compared to the rest of the population.

Left handers are likely to make more money than right-handers. According to one study south paws can expect a 15% bump in riches, 26% if they graduated college.

• The Incas thought left-handers were possessed of magical abilities and healing powers. The North American Zuni tribe believed left handedness signified good luck.

• Cats, dogs, and monkeys all show some handedness (or pawedness). But it is the parrot that shows a distinct preference with a surprising 90% using their left foot for picking things up or manipulating objects.

• Throughout history, southpaw baseball pitchers, tennis players, and left-handed swordsmen have been the most feared of any opponent. The reason? When battling left-handed opponents, rIght-handed athletes often get confused about where the next strike might come from!

• And speaking of southpaws, where did the term "southpaw" originate? Traditionally, the word is assumed to have begun with left handed baseball pitchers. But its origins appear to date back much further - to the early 1800's - when southpaw simply meant an unexpected turn of events.

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