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Talk Like a Pirate Day
Talk Like a Pirate Day originators
Mark (Cap'n Slappy) Summers
& John (Ol' Chumbucket) Baur.

Is it the eye patch? The peg leg? — Or just the chance to say "aargh!" or "ay, matey!" every five minutes?

Join the fun this September 19 when "X" marks the spot on Talk Like a Pirate Day -- celebrated worldwide with favorite pirate jokes, sayings, and general cavortin'.

This year, watch for the partyin' to embark on a full weekend of revelry as 2020 Talk Like a Pirate Day is officially observed on Saturday, September 19th.

How "Talk Like a Pirate Day" began

talk like a pirate day logoPirates have been talkin' trash and lootin' treasure for centuries now.

However, it was only in 1995 when Oregon natives John Baur and Mark Summers - in what they call a "temporary moment of insanity" - first set sail with the idea of Talk Like A Pirate Day.

And, what began as a private joke became a national craze several years later when writer Dave Barry publicized the event in one of his columns. And the rest, as they say, is pirate history. Today, Talk Like a Pirate Day is fast becoming one of the most popular celebrations since Halloween, and includes wearing pirate costumes, telling pirate jokes, and hosting pirate parties on the big day.

Free booty on Talk Like a Pirate Day

On Talk Like a Pirate Day, you can also dress up in your silliest pirate gear to get free stuff during promotions offered by the likes of Long John Silver's and other US restaurants and fast food establishments during Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Meanwhile, hold on to your britches as we update further announcements on free giveaways on Talk Like a Pirate Day 2020!

How to talk like a pirate

Pirate Lingo - (The Short Course)

Ahoy! - "Yo!"
Avast! - "Check it out!"
Aye! - "Yes."
Arrr! - "That's right!" (often confused with arrrgh...)
Arrrgh! - "I'm VERY miffed."

Start right away by dropping your "g's" - as in sailin' or drinkin'. Also avoid any pronunciation of "r's" so that "ever" becomes "e'er" and "never" becomes "ne'er".

Substitute "you" for "ye" and "my" for "me". For example: "I want me grog ye scurvy dog!"

If all else fails, begin every other sentence with a scowl and a hearty "Arrrrr."

Shiver me timbers! The Top 5 scurviest pirate jokes

talk like a pirate!Q: How much did the pirate pay for his piercings?
A: A buck-an-ear.

Q: How do you make a pirate really mad?
A: Take away the ‘p’.

Q: What's a pirate's favorite movie?
A: Booty and the Beast.

Q: Why couldn't the 10 year old go to the pirate movie?
A: Because it was rated arrrrrrr.

Q: What was the pirate's name that had no legs or arms and fell overboard?
A: Bob.

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