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Thanksgiving turkey
Turkey and all the trimmings are the
centerpiece of a Canadian Thanksgiving

The Second Monday in October marks Canadian Thanksgiving Day.

This year, Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving on Monday, October 12, 2020.

However, in practice the date is not really fixed. While an American Thanksgiving is always firmly scheduled on the last Thursday of November, Canadians are free to choose any day (or opt to feast for all three days!) over a long and leisurely three-day Thanksgiving weekend in October.

In Canada, the feasting expresses heartfelt gratitude for a good harvest and a good life. The roots of the festivities go back to early Thanksgiving feasts that the first English settlers enjoyed with Indian tribes. Today, it also might take a bit from French, British, and other more modern food fests.

Like the American tradition, the horn of plenty - the cornucopia - also symbolizes the abundance that Canadians enjoy from farms and fields from coast to coast.

Tourists should note that while traveling in Canada, the day is a federal holiday with most banks and post offices closed on Monday. Call ahead to check opening hours of shops and restaurants, although many will remain open, especially near major tourist areas.

As long as you're in Canada, why not take an opportunity to share a Thanksgiving feast with a Canadian family? It's one of the country's most beloved traditions and, especially if you're an American, you can claim to have celebrated TWO Thanksgiving Days this year!

Happy Holidays!

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