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Bring a group of parents and kids together, and a festive group craft project -- that everyone can do together -- and you can build memories for a lifetime. This Thanksgiving, make an easy craft project part of the holiday fun, then stand back and watch everyone marvel at their special creation!

Thinking of combining crafts projects and decorations? Perfect, Here are just a few simple and clever ideas to get you started:

Thanksgiving crafts

Want to get more creative for the holidays? Here's a Thanksgiving craft project for kids of all ages to share and enjoy.

On Thanksgiving Day, place your pumpkin "Tom Turkey" in the foyer to greet visitors, or place on a large platter surrounded by colorful gourds to use as a festive centerpiece!

Pumpkiin turkey craftHoliday Pumpkin Turkey Craft

You'll need:
• Two large pumpkins
• sharp knife
• toothpicks
• non-toxic marker

1. Remove pumpkin stem. Cut off the top of the pumpkin and reserve for later. Remove flesh and seeds.

2. Make regularly-spaced V-cuts around the edge of the pumpkin top to make the turkey tail. Secure to the back with toothpicks.

3. Use the second pumpkin to make the remaining turkey, carefully cutting along lines (drawn with a non-toxic marker) to create wings, head and neck. (To make wings, carefully create V-cuts to resemble feathers, as shown in illustration, below.)

5. Use toothpicks to attach head and neck at center top, and wings to sides. If desired, attach a tear-drop shape from the pumpkin rind to create the "snood" (the flap of skin that hangs over the turkey's beak.)

Cut off the top of the pumpkin and make V-cuts to create the tail (left). Use second pumpkin to
create turkey head and neck (center) and wings (right). Note: for the wings, retain flesh at the
base of the wing, but trim underneath the "feathers" so that they appear light but sturdy.

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Just up ahead, find more craft projects for home or the classroom, with a variety of activities and fun stuff to keep the kids busy during the holiday season...

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