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Minor problems with light fixtures or electric outlets in your house are a good time to get into do-it-yourself mode.

A two plug outlet where only one outlet works, or a light fixture that blinks on and off are annoying, but easy to fix yourself.

Electrical safety is a key issue when doing any kind of home improvement project — especially when a repair calls for messing around with live wires, outlets, ceiling fans installations, or light fixtures.

Those who have attempted a home electrical project and failed will admit that the results can be, well, downright shocking...

Major electrical work usually needs to be done by an electrician licensed to work in your area, but minor repairs to appliances, outlets and other wired objects in your home can fall into the do-it-your category as long as you make sure that the power is off before you start!

Start with easy electrical repairs (like, say, replacing a light switch) and take on the more complicated projects after you've gotten familiar with the process.

If you are working on any sort of wiring project, it is important to use the right wiring and connectors. For example, inside wiring will not be safe to use in external outlets where water can be a hazard.

If you are not sure that you have the proper equipment, ask someone who has experience or get an electrician to do the work. Poorly done wiring work can cause fires and electrical shocks. Normally, you can ask at the shop where you buy your supplies to make sure that your wiring will be safe.

Whether a do-it-yourself job around the house calls for fixing a light fixture, hanging a ceiling fan, installing a doorbell, or rewiring an heirloom lamp -- start with some tips from online experts before you begin the project.

Get clicking over to these top sites offering detailed instructions for the home electrician and see what advice the online do-it-yourself gurus have to offer...

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