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Is your electricity bill a real shocker?

If the answer is yes, the first step in reducing costs is targeting the two major electricity guzzlers found in most households — heating equipment and air conditioners.

Electric water heaters and clothes dryers also account for two other major expenses that show up on your bill.

Once you see the savings that are generated by energy efficiency and lower consumption, you may also want to look into smaller ways to save. Look into sealants around doors and windows, and check out smaller household appliances that are more energy efficient. Remodeling and landscaping tips may also help.

Around the Web, check out more facts and information on how to save money on the those monthly electricity bills, and join the legions of homeowners who are "going green" and cutting dependency on foreign oil — in a fight to both cut costs and save the environment.

also see Feature Story -> 50 Ways to Lower Heat Bills

More about home energy savings around the Web:

Home Energy Saver
- This U.S government site features a home energy calculator for locations nationwide plus energy saving tips, tons of related resources, FAQ, glossary.

Energy Star - Check out the U.S. government-backed program helps businesses and consumers protect the environment through better energy efficiency, with online guides to lighting, appliances, heating & cooling, tips, facts and related resources.

EERE: DOE Financing Solutions - Homeowners - Energy efficient homes can save money in more ways than one. With guides to solar energy, consumer information for energy efficient appliances, insulation & sealing, wind turbine systems, landscaping tips and more for apartment dwellers.

Smarter House - Consumer Guide to Energy Savings - From the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy comes recommendations on energy-efficient appliances, a home energy checklist, plus guides to energy efficient windows, air conditioning systems, halogen lighting, and other money saving tips.

Efficient Windows Collaborative - Check out the benefits of energy efficient windows, how they work, and information on the selection process with a good listing of related resources.

Saving Electricity - The complete guide by "Mr. Electricity" offers advice on saving money & reducing consumption, with tips & tricks on using particular household appliances and more on alternative energy sources.

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