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exterior home insulation

With energy costs on the rise, good insulation is the easiest answer to reducing heat loss in cold weather and keeping the cool air in when it gets hot outside.

There are plenty of options for do it yourself homeowners who want to add insulation to a room or install better insulation for home energy savings.

Polyurethane foam is a product that is gaining many converts in the home building industry. Commercial buildings have used it for years, but contractors who build private homes have been slow to change from the fiber glass insulation they are most familiar with.

Home insulation safety 101

No matter what type of insulation you choose, there are techniques that make doing the work efficiently and safely much easier. Take precautions before you start working to protect your skin and eyes, especially from fiberglass fibers. Safety goggles, a paper based mask, and long sleeves will do the trick for most insulation work. Be sure to shower well to get all of those invisible fibers out of your hair and off your skin.

Where and how to insulate

Some areas where many energy experts recommend adding extra insulation or replacing older worn fiberglass panels are windows, doors and attics. These areas account for the majority of air transfer in most homes. The older your home is, the more likely it will benefit from installing insulation in these areas.

Remember when you work with fiberglass insulation that looser is better. If the fiberglass is packed too tightly, the R-values are actually reduced. Stuffing more insulation in a door space may give you the opposite of what you intended, reducing the insulation's R-value and its ability to protect your home from heat transfer.

You'll be surprised how simple sealing the sides of windows and doors can be ... and even more surprised when you see the difference it makes in your home energy bill. Even those who are not concerned with the environmental benefits of reducing energy use can't argue with cutting down expenses!

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