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landscaping ideaEven if your home has a perfect lawn and backyard, you may be thinking about adding a waterfall, backyard pond or koi pond – perhaps just creating a bit of private space to relax and hide away from the barbecue or swing set!

Or your home landscaping project may be as simple as planning a garden layout every spring or learning how to keep your lawn green.

Remember, every project gets done one step at a time. Don't get overwhelmed looking at the finished product. Just pick one element that you like and start there.

Go only as fast as your budget and energy allow. With a bit of work and patience, in a few weeks, months - or maybe even years - your dream landscape will emerge. It will be worth the wait.

In the meantime, learn how to get the greenest lawn or the most perfectly trimmed hedges on the block. Impress the neighbors with your green thumb and landscaping expertise - with the help of do-it-yourself resources on planting, seeding lawn grasses, mulching, pruning, and tackling bigger projects.

Or find commercial service providers to help you get your front yard, lawn or back yard in perfect professional shape...

also see in Hobbies to Jobs --> Start a Career as a Landscape Architect

More home landscaping ideas around the Web:

Earth Kind Landscaping
- Check out illustrated design plans with information on landscaping for energy conservation, how to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and related tips for creating a green home landscape.

LawnTalk - Have the greenest lawn on the block with expert lessons in eight chapters on grass types, shade, lawn pests and disease, feeding, watering and mulching from the University of Illinois Extension. - All about lawn care, this is a great resource for learning more about grasses, lawn diseases, weeds, planting and feeding with more on lawn mowers, trimmers and snow throwers.

Lawn & Landscape - The digital version of the print magazine for professional U.S. landscapers includes news, an active Online forum, and an extensive directory of related equipment dealers and service providers.

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