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kitchen faucetWhether you are a home owner or live in an apartment, plumbing repairs are probably a regular part of your home life.

Hiring a professional is one way to take care of changing a faucet or removing a clog, but do-it-yourself repairs can be much more satisfying, and usually lots more inexpensive.

What's more, you probably already have all the tools you need.

For most household plumbing repairs or installation projects, a good pair of pliers and a screwdriver (and maybe a little plumber's putty) are all that's required.

The bad news? Maybe the biggest challenge of most plumbing novices is getting into typically tight corners under sinks or toilets. So remember that the spaces and angles in which you find yourself may sometimes be ridiculously awkward. If you're not ready to become a contortionist, by all means call a professonal plumber. But for quick projects like faucets or shower nozzles, read on...

A good tip before attempting a quick fix is to look for the name printed or stamped somewhere on the pipe or fixture. Then check plumbing part troubleshooting guides from major plumbing parts manufacturers online. Most will offer downloadable and easy-to-follow instruction manuals for easier repairs or installation.

When you're ready to dive into the deep end of diy plumbing repairs, you'll find a world of related information online with guides and detailed instructions on how to install a toilet or septic system, fix a leaky faucet, unclog that kitchen or bathroom drain, and lots more...

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More about home plumbing & repair projects around the Web:

Inspectapedia - Plumbing - The go-to source for every troubleshooting problem any home owner might encounter, including faulty water pumps, heaters, septic tanks, leaky pipes, and lots more. - Plumbing Central, with an extensive online plumbing repair manual and FAQ, together with a complete directory to plumbing manufacturers, related links, news and feature articles, and check out a whole history of plumbing from Roman times on up to the present day.

Toiletology 101 - Plumb the depths of practical knowledge in dozens of detailed online lessons on purchase and installation, repairing leaks, removing clogs, replacing valves, and lots more. - Join the fray at this wildly popular forum for swapping information on bath and kitchen plumbing with tips and advice on everything from shower head installations to septic, sewer, and drainage questions and advice. Real plumbers also jump in occasionally to give advice that you can rely on.

Plumbing Tips
- The American plumbing company features installation and repair tips. Register free and get more advice on everything from replacing washers to building your own plumbing system.

Hometime: Plumbing - The digital version of the popular American TV show offers expert help and how to's with pipe fittings, kitchen faucets, drain clogs, bathroom plumbing, toilet installation and repair.

How To Build a Septic System - But seriously. Find out everything you ever wanted to know and featuring do-it-yourself instructions with design, tool and construction details.

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