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household hintsBesides learning do it yourself home repairs, what's the best investment any home owner (or apartment dweller) can make?

That is getting an education from the 'masters' of organization on running a household.

These are the folks who know a secret or two about everything from cleaning, degreasing, and stain removal - to tricks on how to organize a closet or unlump a gravy.

Right now, you can begin rising to expert level by talking to mom, dad, or by calling a next-door neighbor. You can also try picking the brain of a professional cook or jack-of-all-trades you happen to know. Or can surf the Web right now and have all the help you need right at your fingertips.

Just up ahead, check out a treasure trove of household hints with related bookmarkable resources offering 'been there done that' tips that are sure to come in handy around the house every day of the year :

Bathroom Cleaning Cooking Tips Laundry Tips
Car Cleaning & Waxing Draperies & Windows Painting Tips
Carpets & Floor Cleaning Furniture Cleaning & Polishing Pet Stains & Odors
Children & Babies Kitchen Cleaning Tips Stain Removal

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How to Get Rid of Household Pests | Lawn & Garden Tips

Sewing Tips & How To's

How to Clean Your Flat Screen
Flat screen tv
Having spent a small fortune on a new flat-screen TV, many owners want to know how to keep it looking like new. Check out our guide to cleaning products, tips and techniques for keeping the picture coming in sharp and clear for years to come ....
Big Safety Tips for Little Visitors
Child Proofing Your House
While you're planning for activities to keep them entertained, don't forget to double check your home for safety. I remember the first time my grandson came to visit. I had already raised two daughters and I was sure that the house was baby-proof - oh, how quickly we forget!......

How to Clean Porcelain China?
Porcelain China
Get expert answers from a professional quality porcelain dealer with how to's on handling your fine china vases or dinnerware with care including recommended products and cleaning tips ....

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