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Is repairing a
relationship worth
all the effort?

For many, the answer
is a resounding yes.

What's a marriage worth?

When disagreements seem to come too often, and the good times seem too far in the past, it may be time for some good professional outside help.

Even for two people who are completely committed to each other, the frustration of everyday concerns may begin to mount.

Whether it's triggered by money problems, children or teens, job-related stress, sexual or intimacy issues, or jealousy and mistrust - the result is often unresolved hurt and resentment on either side of a relationship.

In an effort at self preservation, partners often will back into their respective corners in silence, but couples therapy can often provide a common ground for restarting the conversation.

Professional marriage counseling is simply a safe place to talk about and explore the dynamics of marital conflict, or may even lead to a 'eureka' moment where long-held misunderstandings are suddenly resolved.

Of course, in the Internet age there are also sites like, where thousands of lurked or joined a discussion hoping to find a common thread within similar problems posted by others.

Is marriage counseling - in any form - worth the risk of fixing a "broken" relationship? For many couples, the answer is resounding yes.

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More information about marriage counseling around the Web:

Below, take the first steps by browsing top sites around the Web that offer online marriage counseling discussions, professional referrals, forums, news and opinion that may help to heal a relationship worth saving ...

Love Advice from Dr. Tracy Cabot
- Dr. Tracy is a psychologist who specializes in romantic relationships with the "the world's first searchable encyclopedia of advice on relationships" that covers just about any issue. She also posts a weekly love advice column and provides fee based private counseling.

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