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From feeding and clothing, to kissing away the boo-boos and protecting them from upset and emotional hurts -- let's face it. Babies are high maintenance!

You want the best early education for them. Then you want them to be civil-minded and play well with others that one day they will grow into successful adults.

There's no single formula for successful parenting, and most parents who have been through it all will tell you to throw away the child-rearing books. Instead, tailor your parenting style to your particular child's behavior and emotional development.

That's fine, but don't overlook practical guidance available from other parents that have come before. Choose ideas that you feel may be helpful, and then hope you're going in the right direction! In short, there's no one expert you can turn to, but you. Meanwhile, don't even THINK about the guilt trap parents often fall into when raising kids. Do your best and your kids will know it. If not, they will eventually - especially after having a child of their own!

Parenting 101

Boil it all down to one principle, and good parenting means loving and respecting your child no matter what.

Simple? Ask any experienced parent and they'll probably tell you that at times (see the teen years) loving them through thick and thin may be the hardest test of all.

If you haven't noticed already, your kids are watching your every move. So don't overlook guides geared to parents on how to hold on to personal happiness (and sanity) as you deal with life's chaos, both yours and theirs.

In fact, maintaining emotional balance may be the single most important influence you may have in teaching your kids to do the same. And who knows? In the not-too-distant future - as successful and well-rounded adults with kids of their own - your kids may even thank you.

Just up ahead, and elsewhere around the Web, get real world advice that addresses overall child development, related kids' health concerns and physical well-being, along with more practical tips on everything from dealing with kids rashes, teething pain or sibling rivalry to how to get kids to do their homework.



The Ten Principles of Good Parenting

Helping kids with homework
It's no big secret how parents can easily manipulate kids into doing what they want, but out of all age groups it's young children who have an unerring radar for knowing when they're not getting the love AND respect they crave ....

How to Find a Playgroup

How to choose a playgroup
Moving into a strange neighborhood or just meeting up with new parents can be stressful, but here are some helpful suggestions on how to introduce yourself and your kids to a social whirl of group fun and social activities that's good for both of you ....

How to Choose a Tutor

How to choose a tutor
There are so many ways to choose a tutor (online or 1-on-1? Hire a professional or college student?) that it may take an education to find just the right one. Learn more about how to navigate through the tutoring options and help your child excel ...

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