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recallIn the U.S. alone, dangerously overheating computer batteries, tainted supermarket produce, peanut butter, snack foods, life-threatening car defects, toys and pet foods are only the latest in a list of product recalls that have recently been in the news.

Watchdog government agencies are usually the ones responsible for alerting the public to the latest consumer safety hazards, although most companies (if they want to stay in business) will voluntarily issue a recall if they think their product will do harm to consumers, whether it be dangerously defective merchandise, or foods that are unsafe to eat.

Keep up to date on the most recent safety warnings, recalls and other vital information of interest to consumers - issued in the U.S., Canada and around the world - at top sites offering facts & information on what products are currently under recall, where they are occurring, and why :

More about product recalls & related news around the Web: - Official U.S. site with news & updates on consumer & baby products, cars & boats, food, medicine and cosmetics, or search by keyword for the latest information you're looking for, in English and Spanish.

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission - Recalls and Product Safety News - Search for the latest news from a drop-down list, or browse by category including children's products, infant seats & furniture, toys, sports, recreation, outdoor and household product recalls.

Health Canada - Advisories, Warnings and Recalls - With focus on foods, medications, and children's toys, plus information on where to report any unsafe or dangerous product.

EUROPA - Consumer Affairs - News on the latest product recalls in all European Union countries with details on product type, related identifying photos, associated hazards.

Product Recalls Australia - The latest news from the Australian consumer market searchable by date, or browse by subject including unsafe foods, herbal & natural health aids, general & consumer products, cars & automotive, insecticides, herbicides and pet products.


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