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used textbooksLooking to buy a book, textbook, or ebook online?

Get help at sites that compare prices, or locate hard-to-find editions or buy, sell or trade popular titles.

Today, with the latest portable e-book readers like Kindle, Nook, the Apple iBook and Sony Reader (with the ability to wirelessly download books and magazines) - the future of the book it seems is already here. Before you make a purchase, shop smart by first reading up on the latest e-book reader reviews for the best device at the right price (and weight) for true portability.

Meanwhile, at the college bookstore, the latest in affordable textbooks is the rent-a-textbook option — so be sure to ask about it for savings up to 70% off the list price of actually buying a new or used edition. Once you're done, you simply return it.

Whether you're in the market for "Introduction to Modern Chemistry" (ugh) or other used textbooks that may be on your college list this semester, also check out the well-known book behemoths like Amazon and Barnes & Noble for traditionally great bargains you can sell back at the end of the semester.

When you're in the market for books, textbooks or e-readers, it always pays to shop around....


More about buying books online around the Web:

Campus Books Used Textbooks - A top seller of college assigned & hard-to-find textbooks with a price comparison tool, or browse by category - including algebra, business, calculus, chemistry, biology, nursing, psychology, engineering, and more.

All Bookstores - Search and compare prices with special sections for book clubs and most popular books. The listings of special discounts at the stores can mean a real savings on book shopping.

Direct Textbook - Comparison shopping tool with, for example, a medical textbook ranging from a little over $90 at one store to close to $200 at another. Also find fiction, nonfiction, mystery, science fiction and lots of other titles. - This site has an amazing number of hard to find and out-of-print books in a comparison shopping format. You'll need to know the author and title to get the best results, but if you've been frustrated trying to find a book give them a try. User reviews give them a top rating.

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