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new car keysWith gas prices getting to be more of a concern every day, consumers are on the lookout for a car that can combine the safety features they expect with the gas mileage that they can afford.

We've kicked the tires on a number of car buying sites and found a good handful that are very easy to handle, with standard features such as news, reviews, FAQ's and real content you can use in making that major purchase.

Many sites combine lists of cars for sale with tips and articles to help you find a car that can save on gas, fit the whole family, provide the safety you want on the road and still look like a car you'd want to drive.

Classic cars, muscle cars, hybrids and SUVs are just some of the models you'll find information on. Searching for what they're saying in the car forums? Thinking about leasing and need more facts? Looking for a place to compare safety ratings or miles per gallon on that car you're considering? These sites will get you on the right road ...

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More about buying a car around the Web:

Car Talk - Actual Car Information
- This is the real deal with National Public Radio's Ray and Tom Magliozzi's guide to everything auto, including featured surveys on buying, selling, owning, or repairing your car. Tool around the rest of the site for classic clips from the radio show. - Information central for everything you need to know before you walk into the dealership, including Top Ten car dealer scams, how-to's, tips on credit reports and loans, resources and lots more.

Autobytel - Get great mileage at one of the longer-lasting buy/sell sites online, offering scores of reviews from customers on popular makes and models, plus breaking news, feature articles, downloadable buying guides, a FAQ, forum, interactive calculators and lots more.

Cars Direct - Steer your way over to this award-winning site where you can buy new/used or sell, together with parts and accessory listings, and a host of features on fuel efficiency, steering clear of lemons, a safety guide, Top Ten list and more.

MSN Autos - MSN puts the pedal to the metal with solid content, reviews, a great interface and features such as price comparisons, safety info, and related resources. - Check out a popular Canadian portal for prospective new and used car buyers, easy to search by province, car make/model, preferences/ features, along with news and reviews - although leans toward more press release window dressing than solid facts.

Wisebuyers Guides - Buying a New Car - Here's a UK guide with expert tips on buying a new or used car, including related advice on safety checks, buying from dealers, franchises and online, with user reviews and related resources.

Automedia - Complete car shopping site with reviews - including videos - on a wide range of models. Buyer's guides, articles on features and maintenance, online quotes and more...


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