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car road testThere's no getting around the fact that buying a car is a major purchase. With the prices of cars steadily rising along with the price of gas, the decision about which make and model gets more difficult every year.

You want a car that can fit your needs, offers a good safety rating, gets good milage and has top resale value... all at a price you can afford. Oh, and did we forget? It also needs to look good.

Do you want a luxury car, a compact ...or babe magnet on a budget? Will spending more get you a better car or can you find what you're looking for in another model that's half the price?

What about safety features... not just air bags and seat belts, but solid construction that can get you through any accident? What if you buy a used car? What do you need to know before you get stuck with a lemon?

More and more car buyers are turning to the Web to get answers and expert advice on different makes and models before they even set out for a dealership. Some skip the dealership altogether, but then you miss out on that test drive to make sure that you like the way the car feels and handles

With so much to consider before you even start discussing the price, the whole process of buying a car can seem overwhelming, but there is plenty of help available.

Like having a mechanic in the family, these sites feature expert reports, no-nonsense reviews, and customer satisfaction surveys ...

Top car review resources around the Web: - THE site for consumer reviews and car buying guides, tips and advice, feature articles, discussion boards and more, along with a comprehensive directory to news, auto shows, insurance, pricing guides, image galleries and more in related categories.

Yahoo! Autos - Get tips and advice on upkeep and maintenance, price negotiation, best and worst used cars, and more. - Find real people with real cars from around the world, and what they have to say about their purchases in terms of speed, performance, fuel efficiency and/or general longevity. Or read it for the entertainment value alone...

Road & Travel Magazine New Car Guide - Discover in-depth overviews of current models from major manufacturers plus road test reviews, buyer's guides.

Review Centre - Car Reviews - This UK site offers reviews written by visitors and organized into car make and model. Top 10 - Here's useful info when in your in the market, like the most recent top ten reliable cars, customer satisfaction ratings, car theft targets, top selling, and more.

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety - Find car ratings based on injuries in crash dummy tests. Best bets are their estimates of the safest cars in each model range (i.e., SUV, midsize, inexpensive).

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