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Gardening tools & suppliesLearning the secrets of growing a great lawn or flower garden doesn't matter much if you don't have the right tools and equipment to get your "green" on.

Your idea of a great garden may range from a few potted or container plants on the porch, to a healthy green lawn that's the envy of the neighborhood. You may even be sectioning out a piece of backyard land to produce home-grown vegetables.

Discovering a nursery that can ship what you need right to your door (and who can provide guarantees and replacements for plants and shrubs that didn't survive the trip) — is a great advantage to any gardener.

The best time to buy lawn & garden equipment? You guessed it -- just as demand is lowest around August or September. That's when many garden centers will reduced prices on potted plants, garden ornaments, and especially on big ticket items like lawnmowers.

Around the Web, find everything you need to have a fantastic garden - including how to get rid of those nasty garden bugs with more information on how to design a garden layout and where to find bargains on lawn equipment, and garden tools.

You may even pick up the tips and tricks to comparison shopping your way to a great bargain, or where to find online coupons and discount codes to save big on everything from lawn mowers to garden birdbaths.

Even if you're not into gardening yourself, around the holidays you may be in the market for a gift ideas for gardeners for friends or loved ones who are ....

Gardening shopping tips around the Web:


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The Garden Watchdog Guide to Gardening by Mail - Browseable database of more than a thousand seed and plant catalogs and companies with visitor reviews and a Top 30 list of the highest rated by consumers.

Outdoor and Gardens Buying Guide, Stores and Prices - Shopwicki guide with helpful information and reviews on garden tools and supplies, vegetable seeds, greenhouse supplies, advice on buying a lawn mower and more, including online comparison shopping.

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