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Was downloading music ever this easy?

Gone are the days when file-sharing sites exposed visitors to malware - or worse, when users found themselves banned from the Net altogether for copyright violations.

Today, with the advent of Digital Rights Management, fans can safely and easily create personal playlists 24/7 from a seemingly endless list of possibilities and choices - ranging from the Top 100 radio hits to obscure hard-to-find recordings.

If you're new to downloading music from the Internet, it's always best to shop around before you commit to a service. The first consideration should always be the sheer size of the collection. Most will have access to music from the Five Big Labels: Sony, Warner, Universal, EMI, and BMG.

In short, why settle? Also look for sites that offer more than music to get you to sign up - with free trials, special offers, or downloadable players or software.

Other questions to consider include: Does the service allow mobile downloads? Can you stream your music right from the web? Is file sharing easy? Are files compatible with all portable players (other than the iPod)?

How about the ability to send music gift e-certificates to friends and family around the holidays?

Around the Web, pick up the beat with more information on downloading your favorite music online, including reviews of the top downloadable music sites and their special features, along with places to store music online, pr freely download tracks from music artists just waiting to be discovered ....


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