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According to the latest market research, we're continuing to treat our pets just as we would our kids, with all the care and concern we would show for any beloved member of the family.

The American Pet Product Manufacturers Association annually projects into the billions the amount of money that Americans will spend on their furry or feathered friends, an amount that rises year after year!

So it's no surprise that sales of pet supplies have skyrocketed recently, what with demand for pet car seats, doggie jewelry, fashion clothing, and natural & homemade pet foods topping the list of the latest, most popular items. Like kids, pets can make one big mess on occasion, so let's not forget the products that help remove pet stains and odors.

Online, you can save lots of money off regular store prices by shopping the big pet supply chains like Petco, and wholesale markets like Pet Edge, or J B Wholesale Pet Supplies. For natural pet foods, also check out Only Natural for a wide range of holistic foods and treats for cats and dogs including grain-free, organic and allergy formulas.

For extra-smart online shopping, always remember to sign up for newsletters at the official sites of Purina, Mars Petcare (Pedigree, Whiskas), Del Monte Pet Products (Cycle, 9 Lives), and other store brands for the latest updates on special sales and promotions.

Of course, it always pays to comparison shop and to check for online coupons and discount codes whenever you're buying online. When you're out shopping, also don't forget to check additional savings at consumer warehouses like Sam's Club or Costco - if you don't mind hauling jumbo size bags or other pet supplies in bulk.

Just up ahead, find out more about where to find the best high-end pet supplies at the best prices online, along with great ideas for giving gifts to dog lovers and cat lovers around the holidays.

A word about pet medications

Although the convenience of shopping online has also been extended to pet medications, be wary of some online pet pharmacies offering veterinary prescription drugs available without a prescription. This is especially dangerous when ordering any type of anti-inflammatory drug or heart worm medication which can be life-threatening if not carefully monitored by your family vet.

Add to that questionable expiration dates or the quality of some of these medications, and you'll see why it's always best to shop at only an NABP certified online pharmacy.


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