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sports equipmentLooking for a new set of golf clubs, a catcher's mitt, or uniforms for an entire little league team?

No matter what you're in the market for, when buying any kind of sports gear, say the experts, it's always good to start by separating the truth from the hype. Sports equipment is often a key factor in performance, but sometimes claims for improving your game can go way over the top.

While tips on how to choose your first surfboard can fill volumes, for example, a cheap longboard is probably all you need to begin surfing.

Golf clubs manufacturers, meanwhile, are prone to brag about miracle shots that will be made possible with a 'new, revolutionary' design.

Just remember that the key to better performance is the same for all sports enthusiasts. That is, "practice, practice, practice." Sports gear will get your so far, but if you're looking to really score there's nothing like more experience in the game. So when you're out at looking for sports gear, it's always best to leave your ego at the door. You'll find yourself way ahead of the game with lots of money saved to invest in more time at the batting cage, the golf range, or at the tennis court.

For obvious reasons, never skimp
when it comes to safety equipment.

The one common sense exception to the rule? Don't skimp when it comes safety and protective gear.

The better, high-priced equipment is easily worth the cost to protect against injury, especially if you're playing rough contact sports like football or hockey.

For other sports paraphernalia such as shoes, hats and uniforms, use the same judgement you would when buying any other type of clothing. Look for quality materials, stitching and workmanship and you can't go half wrong.

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