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toysWhether toys are meant for birthday or holiday gifts, parents want the best for their kids.

Recent toy safety concerns have really hit home as consumers now think twice about what they're buying at local toys or the larger department chains.

The issue has spawned a new look at eco-friendly or "green" toys as a safer more practical alternative. The larger brand name toys have suffered as a result, but have now (and forever more) hopefully learned their lesson.

More good news? Buying toys online means you can leave the kids home, avoid all those long lines, and even surf around for mom-approved toy reviews of the most popular toys before you buy.

As always, it pays to browse around at online comparison shopping sites to find the best prices and to cash in on discount codes and coupons for additional savings.

Toy sales and deals on clearance

For birthdays and special occasions (like a good report card), it also pays to check out online clearances from Amazon, Walmart, and Toys R Us for great deals at any time of year.

Toys R Us clearance sales Amazon: featured deals on Toys & Games Walmart Toy Clearance
Target toys clearance Fisher Price toys clearance Mattel - Clearance Toys

Of course, the best time to buy toys is around the holidays and during annual Black Friday sales. Throughout the year, also look for cheap toys on sale during August when retailers are looking to clear the shelves for the holiday rush. That goes double for outdoor summer toys and swing sets during end of summer Labor Day sales, with savings of up to 70% at Toys R Us and in major department stores like Walmart, Kmart, and Target.

Happy shopping!

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More tips on buying toys online around the Web:

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