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red wineDiscover general information on wine, wine storage, reviews and other helpful information, along with tips and advice on just what wine you want to buy.

Once you find what you're looking for, you can make the purchase online or a visit to your local wine shop should take care of getting your wine - even if you live in an area that restricts consumer access to buying alcohol online.

If you are, or aspire to be, a "wine geek" the info here is a good start. If you need more detailed information on wines, the regions that produce wines or any wine related subject... click over to our World of Wine Guide where you'll find more detailed pages on ordering, shopping, choosing, buying, storing and serving wines ...

also see in Wine -> How to read a wine label | Collecting vintage wines | Wine tours

More about buying wine online around the Web:

The Wine Institute - A public policy advocacy group representing 645 California wineries and affiliated businesses. Check out legal issues involved with ordering wine online, and to see which states restrict direct purchasing by consumers. If this bothers you - a letter to your state politicians may be a good idea!

Wine-Searcher - Searchable by keyword or by category with links to the top 50 wine sites online. Excellent resource for wines from all over the world.

IntoWine - This site is a treasure of wine information. Like wandering through Paris, where every turn brings a new delight. Lists of links bring you to territory that they don't cover themselves.

The WineEnthusiast - No wines for sale here, but if you're looking for stemware, cellars, corkscrews, bars... or even a trip to visit your favorite wine region, you'll have a good reason to visit.

Tom Cannavan Wine Pages Online Magazine - Tom hails from Scotland so prices and shops may not be relevant to those outside the UK, but the site is chock full of bits of interest to wine lovers no matter where they live. Be sure to check the section on matching wines with foods. - Not to be confused with, this more sedate site focuses on information rather than wine selling, although it does have links to buy wine. If it's just shopping you want - drop the 's'. is information poor but has a good wine selection for online shopping if you already know what you want.


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