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A creative type are you?

Maybe you're interested in learning more about how to draw or planning a career in photography, illustration, graphic design, or becoming a fine arts painter than wrapping your head around that physics lesson.

Unfortunately, creative courses are usually the first to go in any school, so if you recently find out that the art program at your school just got dropped due to the budget cuts, you're not alone.

If so, you've come to the right pace. Just up ahead, take a lesson on the Net to discover more about any creative interest - with tips & tutorials from anime and Web design to drawing, painting, photography or even filmmaking.

You can submit your own work at online art galleries, or see what the competition's doing at top sites just for creative teens. Here are our picks of some of the best resources...

....and don't forget to check out more links about sculpture, crafts, painting & photography at our Art & Culture guide.

Have fun!

More about teens and art around the Web:

Teen Ink
- This site is written by teens for teens, and features fiction & non-fiction, poetry and artwork submitted by members. Check out the art galleries.

Art Camps - Spend the summer being creative with hundreds of summer art camps to choose from in the U.S. and Canada.

Blast - Get Creative - From the BBC for artists, writers, musicians, dancers and filmmakers with general tips on how to focus, set up your space, get feedback from others and generally keep the creative juices flowing...

also see in Art & Culture -> Crafts | Sculpture

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