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You're between 13-19 years old, and you like to read, um, books? Are you feeling alright, or are you just daring to be different? :)

Fact is, teens who read also have a leg up when it comes to college life and on the career track — since people who like to read generally write and express themselves far better than those who always prefer to wait for the movie.

Besides, being lost in a great read is wonderful way to just get away from it all!

If you're stuck for cash right now, there's always a free local library where you can find great summer reads or the most popular teen or young adult novels. (Go ahead and and ask the librarian. Then be pleasantly surprised at how helpful they can be.)

Or surf the Web to find out who else is hooked on popular books like the extremely popular Twilight Series or Harry Potter series, and check out what other readers are saying in forums & messageboards about the latest teen romance hits.

Elsewhere on the Net, discover more about the life of a favorite author, read current book reviews, or write up one of your own book reviews to submit.

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