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Get off your booty and shake it on over to some of the best sites for dance music online.

On the Web, check out the DJ and dance club scene in a neighborhood near you, or find out which dance hits are climbing the charts.

You can also learn how to bust a move, find out how to dance at the prom, hook up with other dance-craze lunatics in online communities, and tune into online radio stations for the latest streaming dance hits with less talk, more dance music.

Also check out our complete guide to getting your party groove on with listings for teen party locations and venues for celebrating Sweet 16 parties, graduations and proms in all 50 US states.

Hit it!...

More about the latest dance scene around the Web:

How to Dance
- WikiHow guide for dance newbies including advice on first steps, relaxing and grooving to the music with related do's and don'ts, practice videos and related tips. - The big guide to dance club parties and events across the U.S. including a message board, feature stories, photo galleries, news & updates, membership info.

Beat Basement - Dance music radio station with streaming fresh hip hop and a jumpin' community forum.


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