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Talk it up in teen chat & forumsSo what do you think?

Find out what other teens across the country - or around the world - are saying about their favorite music groups... how they're getting ready for college .... hassles they're getting from parents or teachers... or what it may be like working in a fast food joint where they are.

The whole world is chatting, ranting and raving in chat rooms, forums & message boards — where readers & posters can swap opinions on anything from politics and religion to favorite sports teams or fashion trends.

Not to mention pop culture rumors & Hollywood gossip at its finest...

More about teen forums around the Web:

Teen Forums - Check out the latest from Teen Hut and join the fray at busy forums featuring topics such as relationship advice, glamour and fashion, and lots more.

Virtual Teen Forums - Hang out with teens to discuss the latest movies, TV shows, and Puberty 101, as well as more serious topics such as mental illnesses and depression.

Christian Teen Forums - Get together with other like-minded teens to give or get advice on spiritual growth, Bible discussions, prayer requests, as well as general discussions on popular movies, TV and music.

GovTeen Forums - Join a worldwide community with discussions from cars to relationships including gay and transgender issues, creative writing, computers and tech, more.


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