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Weird teen humorBusted!

Aren't you supposed to be taking out the trash or something?

Or researching that biology project about the mating habits of the male African dwarf frog? We thought so.

Fine, then.

Waste your time in mindless surfing of which your parents and other important authority figures in your home or community would not approve.

That homework isn't going to do it itself, you know...

How to Dance Properly - A lesson on the dangers of caffeine. Try this at home, but never, EVER in public or anywhere near a hospital for the mentally disturbed. With more tips at How to Act Convincingly.

The Dialectizer - Sereeuoosly. Translate your favorite Web site into perfect Pig Latin, cockney, Elmer Fudd, moron, redneck, or Swedish Chef.

Eric Conveys an Emotion - Oh, the humanity! And a complete waste of bandwidth as our hero takes requests from visitors.

Yodel Till You Get Polyps - Pump up the volume.

Pavarotti Loves Elephants - Music appreciation.. .it ain't over til the fat tenor sings.


also see in Pop Culture -> Weird Web


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