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As a teen, finding out that you're having a baby can be like starring in a bad made-for-TV movie.

Still not out of your teens - and expecting a baby - can be a pretty scary place to be. You can't ignore it, or wish it away. You're pregnant, and that's a fact.

Are you ready for this? If not, parents and friends can help, if you're lucky.

But if you are pregnant (or accidentally got someone pregnant) and can't or won't let anyone know, there are a good sites just up ahead with solid facts and information you need.

Find out where to get it, or talk with other pregnant teens in chats and message boards, learn all about the symptoms and how to stay healthy, the possible risks, and where else to get real help and support if you're suddenly expecting ...

More about teen pregnancy around the Web:

TeensHealth - Having a Healthy Pregnancy
- Check out this complete guide to taking care of yourself during pregnancy, with more on what to expect, emotional and family issues, plus links to articles on pregnancy and nutrition, your first pelvic exam, coping with depression, and related topics.

MedLine Plus - Teen Pregnancy - Browse for information on symptoms, teen pregnancy risks and health issues, links for parents, related stats and research.

National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy - The U.S. program that has free downloadable posters, video clips & audio files to host your own school campaign to educate about teen pregnancy, plus a virtual library of national statistics,fact sheets.


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