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Hear the one about high school being best years of your life?

It's a nice thought - once it's over and done with!

But while your can be a roller coaster ride of who broke up with who...what parties everybody went to this that cafeteria fight started...and which teachers are driving everbody crazy!

High school is four years of friends & family, high school sports, work, homework, dating, and just fitting in. And all that, while coping with hormones that sometimes make you take things WAY too seriously.

Around the Web, chill out and find out how other teens are dealing, how to juggle the non-stop school-work-social scene, and other hassles that are likely to pop up on your way to that sweet, sweet day - when you finally get to graduate ...


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More about high school around the Web:

Starting High School
- From, with tips on what to do when parents get on your case, how to get along with teachers, manage all the homework, deal with bullies or school violence, plus links to related sites on getting through high school.

Mental Health & High School - Check out why you'd rather do anything rather than go back for another day, why you might feel that way, and who you can talk to - with related resources to more information from this very cool Canadian site.

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