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Teen Sex & RomanceHormones!

They kick in during your teen years and they don't stop making problems until, um, say 15 minutes after you're dead (and that's only an estimate ;)

Messy, pulse-raising, and the most enjoyable experience you'll ever experience - with the possible exception of chocolate - SEX is what's uppermost on most teens' minds.

And you can give thanks to Mother Nature for keeping the human race actively making babies.

Learn from other people's mistakes and find out that, without the love & commitment part, sex can be a bit of a strain on your emotional life. That also goes for gay and lesbian teens who -- surprise! -- experience the same highs and lows of romantic relationships that heterosexual teens do.

Some teens get the idea right away. For others - whose brain function moves south for the duration between 14 - 25 - it takes a little longer. With luck, their brains get in gear before they get involved in an abusive relationship, or get saddled with a sexually transmitted disease, or unwanted teen pregnancy...

also see in Health -> Chlamydia | Gonorrhea | Herpes | HIV / AIDS | Syphilis

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Avert Teens' Pages - The international AIDS/HIV charity offers up straightforward anwers to frequently asked questions on sex, puberty, STD's, relationships, safe sex and birth control, gay teen and lesbian teen issues and coming out.

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